Boutique Corporation PCL launches its first CannaThai420 NFT Collection on the Ethereum blockchain raising 22 Ethereum in 24-hrs


Bangkok, Thailand, 31st January 2022 – Boutique Corporation PCL’s cannabis arm, Bespoke Life Science Limited (“Bespoke”) has marked its first foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the launch of its small collection of premier CannaThai420 NFT Collection of limited numbers on the Ethereum blockchain. With much hype and anticipation, the small collection of ‘one of a kind’ seed plant NFTs has so far raised approximately 22 Ethereum within the first 24-hours of launching on the blockchain for Bespoke. This is commendable given that the CannaThai420 project was executed in under 2 months from start to launch. The move spearheads Boutique’s unique vision into the medical cannabis business, illustrating Bespoke’s entire lifecycle and value chain of the growth and cultivation of cannabis through NFTs.


CannaThai420’s first NFT pack, the Seed Plant NFTs, was made available on the 28th of January 2022 at 1pm GMT + 7, via The exclusive NFT collection consists of 99 NFTs from a total of 120 Seed Plant NFTs created. The remaining 21 has been stored in the project’s Treasury. As seed plants are not required to repeat the growth cycle, the Seed Plant NFTs will remain scarce hence growing in value as the CannaThai420 ecosystem develops. As an example, the Seed Plant is the first step to discovering the most valuable cannabis plants – 1 Queen and 9 Princess plants - which will make up Royal Alpha Family. Therefore, Seed Plant NFTs could prove to be the digital version of the strongest and most valuable cannabis plants in Thailand.


Furthermore, as an exclusive offer into the CannaThai420 community, all Seed Plant NFT holders will be eligible to join the CannaThai420 Cannabis Club (Triple C), with access to a designated discord room that houses special updates regarding the journey of cannabis growth and lifecycle. At the same time, Triple C members will be able to receive important updates and announcements, as well as ask questions and discuss in the channel to network with like-minded individuals and enhance their experiences on NFT and cannabis.


Mr. Prab Thakral, President and Group CEO of Boutique Corporation Public Company Limited said, “We are extremely happy and excited for the launch of our first NFT Collection, as we mark a successful minting milestone on the Ethereum blockchain. Moving forward, Boutique will continue to drive our efforts on the development of the CannaThai420 ecosystem and community, through various marketing initiatives, as we gear forward to integrate blockchain technology across our growing and diverse portfolio of real estate, private equity, and cannabis. More exciting news are yet to come, so please stay tuned.”


The CannaThai420 ecosystem is currently being developed. The roadmap for the ecosystem which contains value-adding benefits for community members can be viewed on


The next NFT pack that will be launched into the CannaThai420 ecosystem will be the Mother Plant NFTs, mimicking the real-world growth cycle of the cannabis plant.  The Mother Plant NFT pack will consist of approximately 2000 unique NFTs and will be launched in Q2 2022. Holders of the Seed Plant NFTs can expect certain privileges for the Mother Plant NFT sale. This will be announced in due course.


CannaThai420 illustrates the entire lifecycle of cannabis, grown by Bespoke in partnership with Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Nan (RMUTL). Bespoke and RMUTL are focused entirely on cannabis and not hemp, which differentiates the partnership from others. The partnership received FDA approval for the import of 41 seed strains of cannabis of up to 398 seeds and for the cultivation of cannabis for research and development (R&D). Having successfully imported 380 seeds representing 39 strains, which resulted in the largest high grade foreign cannabis seed bank in terms of strains in Thailand, the partnership is now planning the development of a larger indoor growing facility for approximately 40,000 plants to be developed on a six rai piece of land within the RMUTL campus. The new facility will be ready by the first half of this year in tandem with the opening of Bespoke’s first of what is to be a series of high-end clinics and wellness centers in prime locations. The first clinic will open on the ground floor of Summer Point, one of Boutique Corporation PCL’s own properties, at the steps of Phra Khanong BTS station.


CannaThai420 is a blockchain-based project focused on illustrating the entire lifecycle and value chain of legal cannabis in Thailand. The NFT packs developed by CannaThai420 shall broadly mirror the growth process, cycle, and ecosystem of Bespoke’s cannabis cultivation, from the first step all the way to the clinics and wellness centers around Thailand. For more information about CannaThai420 and upcoming NFTs and use cases, please visit Join the bustling CannaThai420 community and don’t miss out on any updates via our social media channels - Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.