Boutique Corporation PCL sold out its first CannaThai420 NFT Collection on the Ethereum blockchain generating 41.58 Ethereum


CannaThai420’s 99 Unique Seed Plant NFTs conceptualized, developed and sold out in 48-days


Bangkok, Thailand, 18 February 2022 – Boutique Corporation PCL’s cannabis arm, Bespoke Life Science Limited (“Bespoke”) sold out all 99 of CannaThai420’s unique collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) just 48-days since the project's inception. Each Seed Plant NFT sold at 0.42 Ethereum (ETH), generating a total revenue of 41.58 ETH, approximately 4.15 million Baht. The highly anticipated blockchain-based project made its Seed Plant NFTs available for public sale on 28th January 2022, wowing buyers with unique NFTs designed to illustrate the first step of the cultivation of cannabis in Thailand. CannaThai420 is a project that will ultimately highlight key facets of the cannabis lifecycle through the release of NFT collections with unique utilities and use cases.

The Seed Plant NFTs are now being traded on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, with a floor price of 0.49 ETH. CannaThai420 holders have formed a strong community with access to the CannaThai420 Cannabis Club (Triple C) which provides multiple benefits such as exclusive updates in Discord on the lifecycle, invites to special events and talks, as well as benefits at Bespoke’s soon to launch cannabis and wellness clinic. The wellness clinic is set to open later this year on the ground floor of Summer Point, one of Boutique Corporation PCL’s own properties, at the steps of Phra Khanong BTS station.

Mr. Prab Thakral, President and Group CEO of Boutique Corporation Public Company Limited said, “We are thrilled that our first NFT Collection has sold out and so well received by the NFT and cannabis community here in Thailand. We join many brands across the globe that are introducing NFT offerings as a way of offering audiences a unique way to be a part of a journey. This important milestone is only the beginning of our journey on the Ethereum blockchain as we continue to innovate our business practices and expand our offerings not only in real estate but also in the research and development of cannabis which we will be bringing to the market later this year."

Hot on the heels of its initial success, CannaThai420 are developing the next NFT pack that will be launched into the ecosystem, the Mother Plant NFTs. Mother Plants mimic the real-world growth cycle of the cannabis plant and will consist of approximately 2000 unique NFTs with its own set of unique utility and benefits. The public sale of Mother Plants will be announced in due course and holders of Seed Plant NFTs can expect exclusive privileges for the sale.

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