BC comfort as “Moving Forward Party” is certain on cannabis in MOU


BC officially confirms the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the “Moving Forward Party” and its political party alliances, which aims to integrate cannabis into the controlled substances category, is anticipated to have a positive impact on BC’s medical wellness business as BC acquires legal licenses for each stage of the business, encompassing seed importation, cultivation in collaboration with RMUTL and the production of medical-grade products in partnership with DTAM.

Mr. Prab Thakral, CEO of Boutique Corporation PLC or BC, a leader in real estate business under Build-Operate-Sale model (BOS) and Kana Pure wellness clinic operator thru a joint venture “Bespoke Life Science Co.,Ltd”, stated that the MOU between the “Moving Forward Party” and its political party alliances to integrate cannabis into the controlled substances category marks a significant step forward in cannabis regulation and highlights its potential advantages. The leader of the “Moving Forward Party” additionally stated that this policy will have no adverse consequences for authorized cannabis operator.

BC expects deriving advantages from this policy as the Company lawfully operates medical wellness services and secures legal licenses for all aspects of its business operations, encompassing seed importation, enclosed factory cultivation in collaboration with Rajamangala Univeristy of Technology Lanna, medical-grade products manufacture in partnership with Department of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine as well as clinic and dispensary operating under “Kana Wellness” and “Kana Pure” proprietary name.

The regulations pertaining to cannabis will regulate and curb illegal supply, diminish unlawful competition and foster lawful growth opportunities for the Company.

“Regulated cannabis activities will substantially advantage the Company which conducts legal operations spanning from upstream to downstream. Through our abilities to maintain medical-grade product quality, the Company enhances the well-being of clients. Additionally, by leveraging the expertise of medical professionals, we ensure the provision of appropriate guidance and promotes the safe use of our products. The implementation of regulated cannabis use will elevate medical services and products to a heightened level of medical quality” said Mr. Prab.

Currently, BC operates Kana Wellness within the Summer Point project in Phra Kanong and four Kana Pure dispensaries at Citadines Hotel Sukhumvit 11, Jono Asoke Hotel on Sukhumvit 16, Summer Point project in Phra Kanong, and BLOQYARD community mall at Chong Nonsi.