Design, develop, manage & sell innovative real estate solutions in the hospitality, retail and commercial sectors to institutional investors. These solutions begin at either the green or brown field development stage and progress through completion, including commissioning, to stabilize both cash flows and market positioning.

These real estate solutions are driven to optimize the highest and best use of the particular property to generate superior profits and recurrent cash flow.  The Company will receive fees at each stage of the development process, and also from then selling these completed properties to institutional investors, especially those lacking the capacity to take on development risk.

Subject to market conditions, the Company would then re-invest the proceeds from the sale of its completed properties into the development of new properties to build up a recurring pipeline of future properties for sale to provide our stakeholders with both superior capital gains and also a future stream of dividends.


Vision: "To be at the forefront of sustainable and innovative investment solutions."


Mission: “By leveraging our core investments and solutions in hospitality, wellness, property and private equity, we strive to create diversified business platforms.”

  • Prab Thakral, President and Group CEO


  • Transparency & Integrity 

  • Organizational Agility  

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Stakeholder Maximization