At Boutique Corporation Public Company Limited (Boutique), we place great importance on the environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR). On 17th September 2019, the Company planted 17 Yellow Star trees, 5 planted at Benchasiri Park and the remaining 12 planted at Benchakitti Park. These Yellow Star trees are the first of its kind to be planted at both parks and Boutique is proud to be the first company to plant these trees which is the signature plant in honour of His Majesty the King Rama X.

In celebration of his Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun Ascension to the Throne, Boutique is one of a few companies to be involved in the government’s tree planting project with the aim to plant 100,000 trees. Aside from increasing the overall green areas in the city and reducing air pollution, the Yellow Star plant itself has many benefits including a fresh and fragrant smell, that helps to stimulate the nervous system, reduces stress and improve sleep. 

Mr. Prabsharan Singh Thakral, President and Group CEO of Boutique Corporation Public Company Limited with the management team and employees along with Khun Arom Wongmaha, Director of the Public Parks Office, Khun Todsawan Kumwajanung, Diretor of Public Parks Region 1 and Khun Nonthaya Nuchanarod, Head of Benchasiri and Benchakitti Park were involved in the planning ceremony.

Once the ceremony concluded, Khun Arom Wongmaha formally expressed gratitude to Mr. Prabsharan Singha Thakral and Boutique Corporation Public Company for helping to add more trees to Benchakitti and Benchasiri park. In exchange, Boutique was given the King of Ornamental plant - Aglaonema Banlangthong. This plant serves as good fortune for those who plant it in remembrance of the Company’s generosity and care towards the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Benchakitti and Benchasiri Park.